Take a closer look at all of our brands to satisfy your pet-loving needs!

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Aqualife: Aquarists at heart, Penn-Plax’s Aqualife has everything any fish and aquarist could need to house, decorate and maintain their aquariums.


BirdLife: From cages and perches to toys, treats and accessories, BirdLife has our feathered friends covered. 


CatLife: Designed and manufactured to meet all the needs of even the most finicky felines and their owners. 


DogLife: Engineered with man's best friend in mind, DogLife products are designed to provide years of care and enjoyment for dog and owner alike! 


Cascade: An industry leader for decades the well-known Cascade brand aquarium filtration and heaters are trusted by aquarists around the world. 

 Reptology: A commitment to quality and innovation has solidified Reptology as one of the world's leading manufacturers of herpetological supplies. 


S.A.M:  Penn-Plax's S.A.M line of activity centers, housing, accessories and consumables ensures that even the smallest of pets and their owners can enjoy Penn-Plax quality and innovation.