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Take a closer look at all of our brands to satisfy your pet-loving needs!

Aqualife has everything to add some flair to your aquarium.

Decor, Accessories,

Lighting, and Licensed Products!


BirdLife has our feathered friends covered. Toys, Cages, Perches, Ladders, Swings, and Feeding/Water Supplies!


CatLife is designed to meet all the needs of all our feline friends. Toys, Furniture, Trees

Activity Centers, Litter, and Accessories!


DogLife is designed to provide care and enjoyment for any canine.

Beds, Toys, Housing, Ramps

Furniture, Steps, and Dry Tech Pads!


Cascade brand equipment is trusted around the world. Canister Filters, Heaters, Hang On Internal Filters and all of the industry leading products!

Reptology is one of the leading

manufacturers for reptile gear globally.

Lizard-Loungers, Filtration,

Vines, Hides, Decor, Feeding &

Basking Platforms, Ramps and Piers!


Small Animal Products ensure that even our tiniest friends enjoy our innovation. 

Housing, Bedding, Exercise Equipment,

Feeding & Water Supplies,

Hide-Away & Decor, Treats and Chew Toys!