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About Us

Penn-Plax’s passion is pets!  For well over half a century, this 3rd generation family owned, and operated business has produced thousands of innovative products enjoyed by pet families worldwide!


Our core values of quality and integrity are rooted in our history and drive us forward.  Our humble beginning started in 1956 when the Goldman and Rosen family opened the first of pet shop in Brooklyn, NY. The shops became neighborhood staples for pet parents and animal lovers of all ages.  The shops gave the family firsthand knowledge of what the customer wanted and what pets needed.  This understanding sparked the creativity and ingenuity of the Goldman brothers to begin developing and producing new and innovative products in the back room of the shop.  Molds were created by hand and a simple oven and vacuum cleaner were used to create vacuumed formed plastic.  Industry staples such as a 3-D aquarium background, a unique aquarium filter, underwater rivers, cat pans and dog bowls were a few of the inventions created and refined here.  Customers responded positively and demand increased - garnering attention from other pet stores and distributors in the industry.  By the 1960’s product concepts and development lead to large scale manufacturing on Pennsylvania Avenue, and Penn-Plax was born.  Starting as Pennsylvania Plastics, the now called Penn-Plax branded itself as a leader in the industry for quality and creative products in all categories. The passion for pets and business ran strong in the Goldman family and now three generations later, our vision today remains as it once was; to enhance the experience for both the hobbyist and novice pet owner with innovative products that keep customers engaged and coming back for more. 


Our top priority is to produce quality products in all categories of pet and to exceed pet parents’ expectations. The Penn-Plax team is comprised of animal lovers with business mindsets, many who have had a long tenure with Penn-Plax.  Our customers are our lifeblood and we remain endlessly committed to them while providing utmost dedication and respect.  Throughout the decades, Penn-Plax remains on the cutting edge of retail trends in the ever-changing marketplaces.  Cultural, environmental and generational evolution occurs naturally overtime, and Penn-Plax commits to adapting ourselves to stay current.


For decades, our stellar reputation and commitment to growing the industry has put us in a category of excellence and respect worldwide.  Our countless proprietary products have revolutionized the industry and continue to raise standards.  As a family owned business, we take pride in continuing the legacy that we have built over the last 60 years.  The Penn-Plax team will always be committed to introducing new products, ideas and excitement to this growing industry.



Meet the Team

Did you know?

  • We serve the full line of pet categories, aquatic, bird, cat, dog, small animal and reptiles.

  • We have countless patents and awards in all pet categories.

  • We design, produce and distributes proprietary and quality pet products to over 25% of the world’s countries. 

  • We proudly produce products in our own well-known brands, our customers’ private labels, and top licensed properties.

  • Our products retail in all outlets -including pet specialty, mass markets, big box, .com and pet shops.

We are headquartered in Hauppauge, NY. 

Our domestic warehouse is in Memphis, Tennessee

Our consolidation facility in located in Ningbo, China


Penn-Plax -Over 60 years of innovation and consideration for your pets.

We take pride in all the products that we create!

Our Pets

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