Amazing Aqua-Floras Resin!

Submerse in water and watch as a lush, organic garden blooms before your eyes.

The Aqua-Flora line of resins is amazing and easy-to-use; Live Fresh Water plants sprout in 4-10 days, no maintenance required! The plant seeds sprout straight out of the resin, and provide an amazing aquascaping experience!




Watch an Organic Garden Bloom!

The patent-pending Aqua-Floras is unlike any other aquatic décor on the market! Aqua-scaping has now been simplified.  Once submerged, the plants will activate and the growing process starts immediately. Aqua-Floras will grow in most water conditions but will flourish in warm, filtered water under a plant growth LED light. The plant will start to sprout within a week, and there's no upkeep! Get your Aqua-Flora and start growing your amazing sunken garden today! 

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How Does It Grow? -

Frequently Asked Questions

​Do I need a plant grow LED Light? No, Aqua-Flora’s do not require a LED light for growth, but a plant grow LED will speed up the growth process and ensure optimum garden.

What LED light should I use? Penn-Plax makes the perfect LED Glow Light for the Aqua-Flora’s.  Check out the PGL1- Plant Grow Light.  This 12 bulb high power light is designed with the perfect spectrum for optimum plant growth.  Better yet, it is a great price and a true value! 

Does the water need to meet certain parameters for growth? Aqua-Floras will grow in most water conditions without an issue.  The ideal conditions for growth, the temperature should be between 70 and 80 Degrees F (21 and 26 Degrees C) and the PH between 4.0 and 8.0. 

Is CO2 needed for growth?  No, this is not necessary but if you have this available for other aquatic plants it can only help!  

Will fish eat the plants on the Aqua-Floras?  Certain fish will eat the plants and others will not.  It is advised to do some research to see if your fish eats plants.  

My fish ate the plants off of the Aqua-Floras, is this safe? Yes, the plants are 100% safe and healthy snack for your fish.